Pensacola is known for its laid-back, coastal way of life, its long history, and diverse culture. You’ll find all that and a few surprises in the heart of the city’s downtown. If you’re looking for a place to grab a drink or two and are searching for a unique experience, there are a wide selection of places to choose from. Here’s our personal list of best places to grab a sip and unwind downtown.


  • Odd Colony Brewing Company is a farmhouse-inspired brewery with a heavy focus on seasonality. They believe this philosophy is vitally important as they craft their beers based on the highest quality products available during that particular season. Their approach to beer is lead by this ethos but also keeps in mind Pensacola’s notoriously hot climate as they have a heavy focus on lagerbier, saison, and IPA. They offer a constantly changing variety so that any beer lover will find something they enjoy.
  • The Kennedy melds together the nostalgia of the mid-century with a twist of the modern era. Classic cocktails reign king, but their knowledgeable bartenders create thoughtful and carefully crafted drinks for an innovative tasting experience. The kitchen features small bites to coincide with their cocktails. You’ll find vegan, vegetarian, and meat lover options alike.
  • Perfect Plain Brewing Company is designed to bring people together in a spacious, welcome environment. The taproom is a fully immersive experience with long communal tables and their entire 10-barrel brewhouse exposed within the gathering area. Portions of the building date back more than 75 years, and architectural signs of decades’ past have been preserved in the space. This spot has that historic charm with just the right amount of modern flair.
  • Located directly behind Perfect Plain Brewing Co., Garden & Grain is their new cocktail garden and private event space. Garden & Grain includes a lush and expansive city garden, which will be home to an outdoor bar featuring a meticulously curated and completely handcrafted cocktail menu. In addition, the Grainhouse, the former horse stable, and feed and seed warehouse, will be transformed into a sleek and vibrant private event space that can host up to 125.
  • For more than five years, since the idea of Perfect Plain Brewing Co. was born, owners have always tried to put heart and passion into their projects with the hope of making Pensacola proud. The Well Floridian Lounge has been more than two years in the making to get it exactly right – a place that honors our home state, provides the hideaway vibe locals love, a national-caliber cocktail and funky beer program, and most important of all, provides an incredible bar experience. Recently opened, this is a place to delve in time-honored traditions, push boundaries in fermentation, explore new frontiers with spirits, and push forward the boundaries of flavor. ⁣

There is something for everyone in downtown Pensacola, whether you’re looking for a hot spot for date night or a happy hour with coworkers, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! Pensacola is a city with many surprises and we’ve only just scratched the surface.